Car Tyres, Macclesfield - Shaw Street Garage

Shaw Street Garage, Macclesfield have all the facilities to fit tyres to your car without delay.

Car Tyres

Our technicians have over 35 years experience and are in a position to give you free advice to help keep your car where it belongs on the road! We offer very competitive prices on all tyres whether you are looking for a budget brand, middle of the road or a brand name like Michelin, Continental, Avon, Uniroyal, Bridgstone, Firestone or Goodyear to name but a few.

We do not claim to sell the cheapest tyres in Macclesfield, but we do claim to be professional fitters. When fitting your tyres Shaw Street Garage only uses the air ratchet on the first setting and then always completes with a torque wrench to the correct poundage.

Should your car require a tyre/ tyres whilst here for service, repair or MOT we can generally order, take delivery and fit on the same day so has not to inconvenience our customers.....

Locking wheel nut removal in Macclesfield. Call Shaw Street Garage on 01625 424904

The implications of losing the locking wheel nut key are huge as it makes removing the wheel difficult or removal is not possible at all. We can remove locking wheel nuts and replace with standard wheel bolts.

Always place the key in a safe place within the car, usually in the glovebox or with the spare wheel if your car has one.

If you have problems removing your locking wheel nut, give us a call. Shaw Street garage are here to help. 01625 424904.