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Brakes / Shock Absorbers, Macclesfield - Shaw Street Garage


We supply and fit brake calipers, brake discs and brake pads to all makes and models of vehicle. Call us we are always happy to give you a quote 01625 424904.

Here at Shaw Street Garage we advise a BRAKE FLUID CHANGE every TWO years. Brake fluid deteriorates over time.  It attracts and absorbs water from the air, which is an unavoidable continuous process even in a closed system like your brakes.

Brake fluid needs to have a high boiling point, usually around 260 deg C, because of the considerable heat produced by the friction between the brake lining materials and the discs and drums. However, when brake fluid absorbs water it's boiling point is reduced. The water absorbed can reduce this boiling point from 260 degC to 140degC. Eventually the heat produced by using your brakes will vaporise the fluid, and vapour unlike liquid, is compressible. So when you use your brakes you are compressing the vapour which can make your brakes feel spongy or at worst lead to partial or complete failure.

THERE IS ALSO A LEGAL ASPECT. If you were involved in an accident and your brake fluid was found to be faulty by the Police, you could be fined and your insurance cover put in question, even if the accident was not your fault.



CALL Shaw Street Garage, Macclesfield if you require FREE advice 01625 424 904 or just pop in.



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Call us on:  01625 424904
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If any repairs are required we are happy to give you a quote. We always try our best to complete work in the same day to save our customers any inconvenience.
We service all makes and model of cars and light commercials. We use genuine parts so as not to invalidate any warranties.
Always happy to quote for any work required.
We service and repair all Air conditioning systems .Car manufacturers have been forced to change the refrigerant used in the air conditioning systems of all new cars from 2017. The new choice is R1234yf which is considered to be much better for the environment. Unfortunately it is considerably more expensive. Call us on 01625 424904
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